7 Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Banner

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” Little wonder why Bill Bernbach made this statement as he is today known as one of the fathers of Advertisement.

No matter the number of ads you design, if you do not make a bold statement intact with the right colors and reasonable text, you pass very little information to your audience. Indeed, we have soccer banners and other types of posts and advertisements all over the place. Which are all seeking our interest and attention as we move around each day and visit numerous sites. In other words, how do you get your banner noticed amongst numerous advertisements out there?

7 Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Banner

The perfect soccer banner ideas won’t spring up from anywhere; it takes a pragmatic and step-by-step approach to create the desired result that leaves that lasting impression on your audience. Join me as I take through these seven tips for creating the perfect banner.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Banner

Know Your Purpose

To create the perfect soccer banner, you have to understand the concept of what you’re about to start. Why are you making it? Who are you designing for? What do you hope to achieve?

There are many purposes to be considered for creating banners ranging from the targets given to meet up to the peculiarity of the designs in demand. If eventually, you can answer the three basic questions listed above and allow them to guide you through every step of the process.

Make the Banner Flow from Its Surroundings

Armed with your firm idea and resolution, you have a task to brainstorm on the best place to sight your soccer banner.

When you do, you have to consider whether it will be outdoor or indoor? At your business site or function arena? Or even at your client’s location. As much as the position to sight your banner is essential, you also have to observe physical surroundings to know if it’ll stand out and if there’s too much competition to swallow it. If you’re going to place it on a building or a pedestrian bridge, take note of the color and configuration of the facility to ensure It will pop up quite visibly for all to see.

A perfect banner projects a sharp contrast with its surroundings, leaving it genuinely isolated and leaving a message that your audience will not forget in a while, even after being removed.

Select Colors Wisely

A designer with an accurate soccer banner idea puts in color as a determining factor to convey the message it needs to send to its audience. He thinks about the perfect color that will suit the banner and bring out the theme and meaning of the message.

While some persons might have different tastes and perceptions about the types of color combinations that appeal to them, the ability of the designer to get the attention of a more significant percentage with the color association they choose is an excellent plus to achieving the desired result.

Furthermore, your color combinations demand specific standards so that when viewed, your audience will be able to identify your brand with the exact accuracy with which you need them to understand the message you’re passing.

Use Eye-catching Images

Whatever form of images you employ for your banner, ensure they are of high quality. A blurry picture will hurt the outlook of your banner.

When working on the image on the system, it is pretty tricky to tell if the picture is of high enough quality to grace the banner when blown out to a more significant proportion to fit into the design.

To deliver a high-quality image for your banner before it is enlarged, you need to employ the correct file type with the perfect resolution.

Generally, we have two basic file types to apply:

Vector:- Vector images have to do with outlining graphics that will conserve their quality after being resized to a considerable extent. This is the best form of file to apply in creating a high-quality image.

Raster:- Raster, also known as bitmaps, just as the name implies, consists of tiny dots that make up a picture. Its clarity can be lost if enlarged out of the limit. And they are not advisable to employ in creating images for banners.

Make Text Readable From A Distance

As essential as the picture quality of a soccer banner is, if the text cannot be read from a reasonable distance, it renders the image useless. 

However, the goal is to identify the various distances your banner can view and ensure the texts’ readability on your banner. This tip is equally important to both indoor and outdoor banners as both readability and distance affect them.

So how do you ensure your texts get to be read and can be viewed from various distances?

First, select a font that’s not too colored. Then ensure it’s bold if the characters appear too thin. Secondly and most importantly, keep the height of your letters to ten inches and the readability to a hundred feet always.

Keep Your Text Concise

If the characters in your text do not fit into the size of your banner, you don’t need to rush and reshape your banner. Try to keep your text short not to give out too much information that hurts your banner.

Especially for an outdoor banner, no matter how great your idea is, when your audience can’t grasp the message you’re passing at a glance, you end up giving no information. Focus more on the focal point which sends that message you wish to convey at a glance.

Use Quality Materials

An excellent soccer team banners will be made perfect if you ensure quality materials to component your finished product. You do not want your product to look at its touch of professionalism by using materials that will turn down the volume of the banner’s voice.

Finally, ensure the material can withstand all the environmental hazards that will seek to harm your banner and sight them at vantage positions that won’t damage the flag’s fabric.


Finally, when making your soccer banner stand out, always remember to keep it simple! Like Leonardo da Vinci, the great artist would say, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”